Tetris For Intro/Intermediate Programmers (Spring 2018 update)

David Kosbie
Carnegie Mellon University


These notes are an updated version of this original version. They are designed for intro/intermediate programmers (specifically, students who have completed about 6-to-8 weeks of 15-112 at CMU).

Note that this design for Tetris is somewhat simplified, though the end result is indeed a reasonably functional game of Tetris. Also, the techniques used to create this game can be used to create many other popular arcade games.

Have fun!


  1. Prerequisites (Python, Tkinter, Event-Based Animations, and Time-Based Animations)
  2. Building Tetris
    1. Design Overview
    2. Creating and Drawing the board
    3. Creating and Drawing the fallingPiece
    4. Moving the fallingPiece left/right/down
    5. Rotating the fallingPiece
    6. Dropping and Placing the fallingPiece and Handling Game-Over
    7. Removing Full Rows and Keeping Score
    8. More Ideas