CMU CS Scholars 2023 - Programming Course


The following resources may prove helpful as you work on learning how to program.

Python Documentation: Provides information about different built-in functions and examples of how to use them.

Tkinter Documentation: Provides information about Tkinter functions and optional parameters.

Python Tutor: This website lets you visualize how a code executes step-by-step as it runs. This is highly useful for understanding how variables, functions, and aliasing work.

15-110 Website: This course website contains a high-level overview of programming and computer science. Much of the content will not be covered in CS Scholars, but the early content especially is often related to what we learn in this class.

15-112 Website: This course website contains many examples of programming syntax. Some of the examples are more advanced than what we cover in CS Scholars, but the content may still prove useful.

AP CS Principles Booklet: A booklet to help students learning Python for AP CS Principles. It has many handy examples at a simpler level than the 15-112 website. Made by previous TA Marco Acea.