CMU 15-112 Term Project Gallery
Spring 2018

The following student projects represent a range of topics, approaches, effort, and resulting grades.

Ahmed Badawi Twitter Geo-Sentiment Analysis Tool
Alana Mittleman Block Hero - Guitar Composer
Alvin Shek Modern Garden Simulator
Andrew Hong Unsafe And Sound
Angela Xu Selfies Aren't Everything
Ani Chowdhury composePad
Ariel Uy Leap Motion Lighting
Cameron Burgess Node-Based Image-Editing Environment
Claire Kenny Litely Overcooked
Connie Chau Body Music Generator
Dallas Foster 1+1+2 Way Chess
Daphne Yang Stickman Badminton
David Kleiman CleanVolts
David White SportsVU NBA Visualizer
Dillan Gajarawala Interactive NHL Experience
Elizabeth Young Spacetime Adventures
Eric Jiang Comic Book Adventures
Erick Ramirez Bathroom Floors
Gabriel Rodan Stock Trading Simulator
Gabriela Tellez The Coaster Generator: Panda3D
Iris Pei Mahjong
Jane Jeong Huffman Data Compression
Jeffrey Tsaw The Empathetic Jukebox (code here)
Jenny Yu Survive the Wild!
Jinmo Rhee massigner (more information here)
Jonathan Perez Rooted
Joseph J Kim The Story of Tales
Justin Britton Isoball
Justin Villalon Smart Mirror
Katherine Yang Graph Builder
Kayleigh Boyle 112 DDR
Keaton Tam Tris - A New (T-)Spin on Tetris
Kyra Balenzano Wanderlust
Lauren Tan Harry Pawter House Wars (Sockets)
Louis Plottel Glassemble
Madeline Anthony The Adventure Zone: Welcome to Wonderland (more information here)
Mark Canavan Monument Valley
Matthew McQuaid TiltMazeAR
Max Kornyev PyMusic
Michael Miller Ground Control to Major Tom
Michelle Lim Guitar Hero Composed
Minji Kim TRIPPLE: Live Audio Visualizaer
Nathan Koch Survival Instincts
Nick Jones I Hate Sight Reading
Rebecca Groves Ethical Eating
Roy Xu Jump 112 Jump!
Ryan Chen Creeper World 112
Sam Malhotra Chess Master
Sam Thanawalla ChatWorld- Real time voice texting! (codebase here)
Samiha Dawalbhakta Statistical Data Analysis and Visualization
Sanjana Shah MyCare
Sean Pogorelc Delve Too Deep
Sooyoung Kim Recommend4U
Stephanie Cao Photo Enhancer
Teddy Warner 15-112 3D Molecule Viewer
Terrance Takho Lee Audio-Reactive Filter
Theo Gonzales-Tapley Frisbee Game
TJ Pascucci TJvivor
Tracy Chen iStockUp
Tyler Duic Kinect Minesweeper
Venkata Vivek Thallam OpenCV Pacman
Xinyu (Diane) Hu Muse-music composition tool
Yeju Ahn Superdog

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