CMU 15-112 Term Project Gallery
Spring 2019

The following student projects represent a range of topics, approaches, effort, and resulting grades.

Abhi Devarapalli Sign Cricket
Aditi Raghavan Opportune - an audio fingerprinting program (Code here)
Alexia Cosatto Trussty - a truss simulator
Andrew Fu 3D Pool Game (Code here)
Andrew Kubaney Pixel Golf
Andy Park Market Sentiment Simulation
Anmol Surpur SuperSpy
Asad Sheikh Calligri-Buddies!
Cameron Miller 112 Hockey
Cassie Yu Diner Dash
Chenyu Wang Knives Hit!
Claire Kong Just Sneeze
Cody Bardin MineGraph
Cynthia Huang Plants vs. Zombies
Daniela Castleberg MyOrganizer
Denis Ebby Hermes Fundamental Analysis Tool
Edwin Critz Mage's Dungeon Descent
Elaine Chen Maze Juggler
Elaine Ouyang Monument Valley
Emil Balian Leap Motion Fruit Ninja
Emma Wenger Violin Hero
Eric Cheng Jalopy - a Self Driving Program (Code here)
Eric Huang The Emergent Leader
Ethan Husted PyDraft
Ethan Rosenthal pyBand
Ethan Yang Uemuki
Fernanda Wenzel Run 112
Frank Hu MoleCool
Gisele Wu Rise Up
Grace Kim Coffee Chat
Halanna Yuh SmartTranslate
Hanxiao Si Particle
Hita Kambhamettu Just Dance!
Hyelee Kim Artificial Ecosystem (Code here)
Isabella Fons Free Of Food Allergy Finder (Code here)
Izzy Stephen Curse of Dimensionality: the Virtual Pet Game
Jai Madisetty Street Fighter II
Jakub Kowalewski Optimized Class Route!
Jerry Li Simple MONIAC Educational Macroeconomy Simulator
Jerry Liu The Infinite Tower
Jesse Chan MovieAssist
Jorge González Hole in the Wall with Nintendo Characters
Jorge Tamayo Maze
Joseph Sandler Singing Space Invaders
Josh Corona Endless Dungeon
Judenique Auguste Instu-Motion-Mania
Justin Kiefel SprintCoacher
Katie Liu Mahjong
Kenneth Wanamarta Basketball Free Throw Trainer
Kerry Jappe Mario Kart: Rainbow Road (Code here)
Kevin Quigley Basketball Man
Kexin Yang Sprinkle - an educational game for early literacy
Krishna Donepudi Keytar Hero
Kristy Peng RPG Escape the town!
Lajja Pancholy PittStop Restaurants
Lan Wei Interstellar City Builder
Lauren Heller Seeking@CMU (Code here)
Leo Fan Tanks Battle
Likhitha Chintareddy The No Internet Game
Lily Huang interJournal
Matt Shen 18-100 Workbench
Max Gamerman 15-112 Revolution
Maya Krishnan Intergalactica - a rocket side-scrolling game
Meet Wadhwa 24 - a card game
Michael Pang Ultimate 9 Ball
Miriam Yang Sima Qian (司马钱)
Nathan Love Pyrogue
Navid Mamoon Lightsaber Pong (Code here)
Nicholas David Stress Buddy - a Rag-doll Simulator
Nicole Packard City Machine
Nithin Ravi Soul Skier
Noah Castor Color Fall
Nora Wai Tower Defense Bloons
Ophelie Tousignant Plant Awareness
Phil Huang Python AI Plays 2048 (Code here)
Qi Xuan Teo Beat Doodle
Qianou Ma Drum 'n' Fun keyboard
Rahul Joglekar Beach Bounce
Ruiqi Wang A Dancing Game
Ruoyi Chen FADs Lab Assistant
Ryan Huang Buggy Bash
Sabrina Chua Leap Motion Fruit Ninja
Sai Korivi Space Race
Samir Singh Rubik's Cube Solver!
Sean Wang Palette Switch
Sharon Chu Abacus Academy
Shefali Dahiya Outfit Generator!
Shreyas Srinivasan Dungeons of Vulor
Simran Khunger Temple Run 112
Skyler Mason Backtesting (Trading) Software
Spandan Sharma Leap Language
Stella Getz Sight Reader
Sunny Kumar A Musical Migration
Tia Tang pyCat
Tom Uhlig FlipDraw
Tomas Vancura Laser Mania
Umar Nasim FIFA - 112
Victoria Ciplickas Pacman
Victoria Shiau Typo Eracer - an error-catching, multiplayer typing race!
Vincent Dai Chisel
Vishnu Raghavan Texas Hold 'Em
Vivek Raghuram StockGenie (Code here)
William Fung TouPou
William Knauth StrategyGolf
William Zeng Pixel Chess
Xidai Yang Go Traveler!
Xinda Zhou One Piece Fighting Game
Xingyang Li Boxhead
Xinyu Wang Leap Motion Robot Arm
Yeonji Seo Shop and Cook!
Ying Hu Pixworld
Yudong Liu Chess Master
Yuqi Zhou MusicAid
Yuran Ding A Journey into the Universe of Object-Beings
Yuxi Shi Poster Producer
Zachary Novack ThereMyn
Zixin Sha LOST

The following table includes projects from F17-S19, each with links to their demo videos and tagged with features and properties. Try browsing around to see what you can find!

You can also find projects listed by semester along with each semester's lightning round video on the following pages:

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