CMU 15-112 Spring 2018: Fundamentals of Programming and Computer Science
Colab 6 (Due Thursday 22-Feb, at 10pm)

  1. Week5 Time Report [5pts]
    First fill out this week5 time report. We very much need and value your thoughtful and accurate feedback in our quest to continue improving the course.

  2. Tetris [95 pts]
    Write Tetris according to the design given in this step-by-step tutorial. You may not use a different design, even if you think there's a better way to do it (there probably is, but you still have to do it this way). This may seem limiting, but sometimes you have to write code according to a specific algorithm, rather than writing code to solve a specific problem.

    To get full credit, you'll need to complete the basic implementation according to the design spec. Please submit this basic version (WITHOUT extra features) on Autolab under colab6. If you'd like to add extra features to your game for extra credit, create a second version of your Tetris file called, add your bonus features in this file, and submit it on Autolab under colab6-bonus.

    Have fun!!!