CMU SAMS 2018 - Programming Course

Schedule for Section C

Week 1

Topics: Building Blocks of Programming (Data, Functions, Conditionals, Loops)

Lecture 1-1 slides
Lecture 1-2 slides

Homework 1

Additional Notes: Getting Started, Data and Expressions, Functions, Conditionals, Loops

Week 2

Topics: Algorithmic Thinking (Structuring Code, Problem Solving, Testing, Debugging)

Lecture 2-1 slides
Lecture 2-2 starter code

Homework 2

Additional Notes: Problem Solving, Testing, Debugging

Week 3

Topics: Data Representation (Strings, 1D Lists)

Lecture 3-1 slides
Lecture 3-1 code

Homework 3


Additional Notes: Strings, 1D Lists

Week 4

Topics: Producing Output (2D Lists, Graphics)

Lecture 4-1 slides
Lecture 4-1 code
Lecture 4-2 code

Homework 4

Additional Notes: 2D Lists, Graphics

Week 5

Topics: Interactive Applications (Input/Output Streams, Animations)

Lecture 5-1 slides
Lecture 5-1 code
Lecture 5-2 code

Homework 5

Additional Notes: Input/Output Streams, Event-Based Animations, Time-Based Animation, Animation Demos

Week 6

Topics: Writing Good Code (Metrics of Software)

Lecture 6-1 slides